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Something wonderful that was never said

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You can only believe as far as you dream


ADULT.Fan girl.LJ newbie.Geek.Dreamer.Girl with no free time.


chocolate.spicy food.MOM.movies.best cousins in the world.being an only child.books.reading as much as writing.dark night.summer rain.Miss Parker.the color white in anywhere.democracy.lilies.sleeping late.having new experiences.music.gossip.tv.new clothes.battlestar galactica.beautiful people.friends.God.little babies.shouting.favorite songs.internet.own room.Ruth Evershed for being her.Bible.you can always be more.Martha Jones for saving the World.magical wardrobes.books.books.books.not being IN.singing in the shower.warm sauna.Christmas.candles in the fall.Starbuck.strawberries.mango.chocolate again in any form.movies.listen the rain.feel the sunshine.movies.being young.having a life.

tv.now.before.in the past

Battlestar Galactica.30 Rock.Doctor Who.The Office.Grey's Anatomy.The West Wing.Stargate SG-1.Farscape.Friday Night Lights.Lost.Community.Chuck.Spooks.Parks and Recreation.
Pride and Prejudice.Memoirs of a Geisha.The English Patient.The Chronicles of Narnia.Emma.The Painted Veil.Lord of the Rings.Atonement.
movies.in no order.
Lord of the Rings.Chronicles of Narnia.Love Actually.Little Miss Sunshine.Moulin Rouge!.Titanic.Atonement.The Painted Veil.Pride and Prejudice.Pirates of the Caribbean.Bend it like Beckham.The English Patient.Devil wears Prada.Chocolat.The Hours.Charlotte Gray.Children of Dune.
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