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LOST made me weep like a child.

I have freaking watched this show six years. Granted most of it via less than legal means because I hate waiting.

And now it's over.

Excuse me while I go and cry in the corner for a while longer because

Hello. Jack Shephard I kinda hated you for a while, but in the end you were lovely.

In the end all of it was lovely, not glorious but lovely none the less.

ALSO because I watched BSG for such a long time and it was epic in the most basic sense the word is. I was expecting to be knocked dead with a final coda that I kinda would learn to hate more than I thought was possible. Still oh Ron Moore, why was there ever a coda? 

Thank you LOST for proving me wrong.

Now I shall read T.S Eliot and think of you .,
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So summer.

I love thee with the power of thousand suns.

Also I wish you were less sunny.

Seriously though. I do not want to tan. At all. I am walking in a heap of clothes most of the time or covered in sunscreen. I am shallow person to that extent.  I am pale Indian girl, who for all accounts should love sun. Then again I really, really do not want to tan anymore than I have to. 

It's a bitch trying to find any darker make up. And again with the shallowness. I like the pale Indian thing I've got going on. It's my inner Indian telling me: Don't be an idiot.

This should be good time for me to do my last minute school work, the tiny things that I might have neglected to do in favor of doing something else. Also known as a heap of homework that I should really try to do before the teachers head to summer holiday. That gives me about three weeks. So plenty of time. Right?

School is out for the year.

And HOCKEY is in.

I am watching Hockey in the middle of May. In a fucking heat wave. And I am loving it. 

I am watching Doctor Who again - like moth to a flame. British tv you are my foe. Collapse )
I think I am slowly migrating back to the Internets. Fun times this summer.

Also in my schedule Ashes to Ashes. Rewatching the glorious thing that was Law&Order: UK. Spooks - series 8 and well, all things British.
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23 March 2010 @ 03:36 am

Flunking school.

Almost. Not quite, but close enough. Well at least some aspects of school have failed to capture me this spring. I don't have the energy to care. If I didn't know myself I'd day I am depressed because life goes too fast. Alas, I still have not figured out what I want to do. Pediatrics might be nice.

So would tons of other things.

Mostly it's just me.

21 year old student who has found herself outgrown LJ habit a while back.  I need something to get excited about,.

I love so much of what I am doing right now, but not all of it fits me the right way. I know I won't work in a hospital, I also know that after this I want to become a midwife or study International Politics. Go to the world and do some good in godforsaken places because I can and I want to.

I just need inspiration.

Yesterday would have been preferable.

So it goes, Months of my life, that I spent kinda drifting because I am not sure where to aim next. 

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23 September 2009 @ 10:03 pm
Today I took a leap of faith.

I gave my application for a student exchange to our Internation Studies Coordinator.

We'll see how that goes then.

Okay now.

I am trying to figure out my changes of actually getting accepted.

Either way I am keeping fingers crossed. And hoping that I won't throw up everything I eat in new month. Usually they are super speedy with the process of selecting though, especially since we'd be leaving to India in February. So in order to get everything ready time is getting kinda limited.

They said they'd do a speedy process. At least I won't have to worry about waiting forever about this. I just wanted to know like yesterday if I was one of the four students leaving.
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